Often working with clients on most projects or trusted collaborators on others, the sectors with the mainstay of experience are Retail, Food & Beverage and Commercial. Work has also diversified into Residential, Hotel and some Private projects.


Brand Experience is Key


Commercial design is not simply a pretty space. Revenue optimization  through customer flow and product or offer distribution is a good place to start, along with designed in cycle modes for day and seasonal changes are often applied. In a nutshell this means the business is viewed holistically, with the space being a shining gem representing the brand you have worked so hard to create.


Blank sheet concept at the pre-branding stage through to refurbishments of existing projects have been undertaken using a spread of resources. With fifteen years of experience in the sector, over a vast array of projects from multi-national to mom and pop clients and some weird ones in between, there are few projects outside the scope.


With every tool including Physical Modeling, CAD drafting, detailing, 3D modeling, rendering or quite often just a plain old pencil and paper, projects have come to fruition.






Project Feasibility - Cost Analysis - Location Consultation


Space Planning - Layout Design - Creative Design


Re-branding - Franchise Documentation - Chain Rollouts


Fixture Design - Furniture Design - Lighting Design








Jason is Wolfe-Daimpre.

From family roots he was around the art and design world, getting an Industrial Design degree at university in the UK and juggling helping the family Interior Design business with a career in the automotive industry Jason soon turned to Architecture, working for a commercial interiors contractor, then twelve years at a  London based studio specialising in Fashion retail. Jason lived and worked from Brazil, the UK, Spain, Switzerland, the Far East and now lives in Canada, working on projects on multiple continents, with diverse teams.


He has done everything from designing light fixtures and furniture to complete buildings, with some weird art projects in-between. He feels as comfortable in a multinational's boardroom as covered in resin de-moulding a failed prototype.


With a burning thirst for knowledge Jason also shares his professional experience through seminars and teaching, having taught the tools of the designer's trade to improve the skills of his peers.


Travel and adventure are the off switch from design, whether flying 'planes in Africa, exploring cities afar or riding motorcycles over massive distances on dirt; he's created vehicles and built some quirky projects - there is always something to see or learn.